UrbanWineBox - Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the most common questions - if you do not find the answer to your question, please send a mail to info@urbanwinebox.com, or give us a call during our opening hours at +45 3331 2525.

1. Can I join?

2. How do I get started?

3. What do I pay?

4. How is my wine stored?

5. How do I buy and sell wine?

6. Can non-subscribers buy wines?

7. Can I have wine shipped directly to you?

8. How do I get a bottle out of the cellar?

9. Can I have wine shipped from UrbanWineBox to my home?

10. How are my wines insured?

11. My collection is worth more than what is included in my subscription?

12. What is UrbanWineBox Self-Storage?

13. Why is everything in English

14. Explanation of fees and services

1. Can I join?
Yes - our cellar in Carlsberg Byen is filling up quickly but we still have room for more wine enthusiasts looking to have wines stored under ideal conditions!

2. How do I get started?
Create an account, and then you are ready to go! If you want to have your wine collection stored, you can either book a time slot and come down to the cellar or have your wines shipped directly to us. Book timeslot.

3. How do I pay?
We offer a subscription-based on the size of your collection and the insurance coverage you need - click here to read more about our subscription prices.

There are no fees or surcharges when buying wine on the platform - we only charge sellers a 6%-premium, which is automatically deducted from the payout.

4. How is my wine stored?
All wines in our box are stored on our custom-made galvanized steel shelves. You have the option to have your wines packaged in a protective bottle net as well as wrapped with clear-foil to add to increased protection.

We have a stable temperature of 14 degrees Celsius, and a humidity of approximately 65 percent all year round. Our first box has walls built to last - most being more than 70 cm thick, which gives us a naturally cool climate, and we also have a climate control system keeping everything cool and stable during the hot and cold months of the year.

5. How do I buy and sell wine?
To buy wine, simply create an account and add it to the basket and pay. The wines are then automatically transferred to your account without ever being physically moved. Done. No transport. No annoying transfer of payment. Easy as can be.

If you don’t want to store your purchases, all you have to do is create a handout-request and pick up the wines or have them shipped directly to your home - see more information under 9. on this FAQ.

The marketplace is based on peer-to-peer trading, and all the wines are owned by our users, who also set the prices. This is the shopping ground for passionate wine lovers, where unique wines can be bought or sold by the click of a mouse without ever having to worry about purchased shipping, insurance or uncertainty about payment. We made it easy and convenient to buy and sell wine, and store them if you want!

6. Can non-subscribers buy wines?
Yes and No. When you buy a bottle stored in UrbanWineBox the bottle is automatically transferred to your wine collection and you thereby automatically become a subscriber according to the number of registered bottles on your account.

A Bronze Subscription won’t take effect before one of the bottles has been on your account for the remainder of the month plus the next month from the date of purchase.

That means you don’t pay for any subscription if you pick up your bottles within the next calendar month from the date of purchase, as long as you don’t exceed the 50-bottle limit of a Bronze-subscription.

7. Can I have wine shipped directly to you?
Yes, of course! We have made it easy and convenient for you, while ensuring the optimal transportation conditions for the wine. All you have to do is add the following to your shipping information:

UrbanWineBox ApS // Att. [Your name] // [Email address]
Address: Firskovvej 31, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby (CityLogistik Denmark A/S)

Your parcel will then be sent to our trusted shipping partner, CityLogistik, who delivers it to our box at Bohrsgade 5, 1799 Copenhagen on the first coming Tuesday. When we receive your wines, you will receive hand-in confirmations and the wines are then added to our hand-in creation queue - just like when you do hand-ins yourself.



8. How do I get a bottle out of the cellar?
If you want to have a bottle handed out, you simply log in and create a bottle request from your account at least one day before pick-up. We will then prepare the specific bottles for pick-up and have them ready for you.

Note, that the wine cellar is primarily meant for longer-term storage and we spend time registering and digitalizing every single wine coming in. But we understand that you can suddenly need a specific wine that has only recently been handed in: For non-Platinium members, there’s a handout fee of €5 per product that has been stored for less than six months. After 6 months handouts are of course completely free of charge.

For wines purchased on urbanwinebox.com, there are no handout fees no matter how long the wines have been stored. You can therefore always buy wine and pick it up the next opening day free of charge!

9. Can I have wine shipped from UrbanWineBox to my home?


First: Be sure to make a HandOut Request on your UrbanWineBox profile with all the wines you want us to send. When you review your handout-request you can click “Request Shipping” and fill out the shipping details with your full name, address and postal code.

We will then send you an email with a shipping quote that you will need to confirm.

Prices in Denmark are:

Up to 6 bottles - 19,95€
Up to 12 bottles - 29,95€

We'll happily ship internationally. Send us an email with your request and we'll provide you with the price.

o Gold Members can have 1 free shipment each quarter of up to 12 bottles in DK.

o Platinum Members can have 12 free shipments each year of up to 12 bottles in DK

10. How are my wines insured?
As passionate wine collectors might know; it can be very hard and expensive to insure wines - especially if they are valuable!

When you have your wines stored in UrbanWineBox your collection is insured according to your subscription tier - click here to read more about our subscription prices.

11. What if my wine collection is worth more than is covered in my subscription tier?
Please reach out to us by mail to info@urbanwinebox.com, and we will provide you with a custom subscription quote

12. What is UrbanWineBox Self-storage?
We will soon be introducing a new type of storage solution for those looking for an alternative to UrbanWineBox Carlsberg Byen. More information will be announced soon!

13. Why is everything in English
We are a Danish company and primarily have Danish employees and customers, but we have a growing number of international and non-Danish users. Furthermore, we have a vision of expanding beyond the boundaries of Denmark and have therefore chosen English as our primary language of communication. Don’t speak English? We don’t believe you.

14. Explanation of fees and services
Below is an explanation of the fees and services listed on our subscription table.

14.1. Handout Fee The UrbanWineBox team carefully registers and digitalizes every single wine being handed in, but it primarily makes sense if the wine is intended for storage longer than a few weeks or months, or listed for sale. For products stored less than 6 months, Non-Platinum members are charged an early-handout fee of €5 per product.

o Products that have been stored for 6 months or more can be handed out free of charge

o All wines purchased on the UWB platform are excepted from handout-fees and can be handed out at any time without any cost. That means you can always buy wine and pick it up the next opening day free of charge

o Platinum Members are also excepted from the early-handout fee

14.2. Same-day handout (up to 24 bottles) You need to make your hand-out request at least the day before to give us time to prepare and peer review your bottles. Same-day hand-outs can be made, but will there will be a fee of €5 per product. Platinum Members can make same-day handouts free of charge.

14.3. Fast-track creation If you are in a rush, we will happily prioritize your hand-ins for a fee of €1 per product. Platinum Members are excepted from paying a fast-track creation fee of up to 24 bottles per month.

14.4. Seller's Premium The seller pays a 6%-commission (minimum of €5 per sale). Buyers do not pay commission or fees.

14.5. Wine tastings Once in a while UrbanWineBox creates wine tastings. All UWB Members can buy tickets.

14.6. Premium wine tastings We’ll happily create custom-made wine tasting for Gold and Platinum Members depending on your needs and wishes.

14.7. Early-bird access to special offers When we get the chance, we want to share some good deals with our members. We, therefore, provide wine offers that live up to our criteria of great wine and a potentially good investment. Silver, Gold and Platinum Members are given early access to great offers.