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We are on a journey to change the way wine lovers
from across the world can store, track and trade wine!


Manage your wine collection

We digitalize all your wines, and make it easy for you to manage your wine collection from anywhere in the world - clever, right? More information.


Optimal Storage Conditions

We have a stable temperature of 14 degrees and 65% humidity all year round, and your wines are safe and insured when stored in our cellar.


The marketplace

Our marketplace connects passionated wine collectors, and makes it easy to trade wine and no transport is needed, as the bottles remain in our cellar! More information.


Direct delivery

You can have your wine shipped directly to our cellar through our trusted shipping partners - it is easy, and ensures full traceability during transport. More information.


Torben Bjerregaard Jensen

"I recently moved back to Denmark after 20 years abroad, and UrbanWineBox is the ideal solution for me and my wine collection."


Henrik Bergh

"This is a great and unique concept, and it is surprisingly easy to use."


Lars Kolind

"Optimal storage conditions for maturing wine, and a great place to trade with other passionated wine enthusiasts and collectors."