What is UrbanWineBox?
We are essentially a huge box of wine located in an urbanised area of Copenhagen. We store and manage wine collections, and have a unique peer-to-peer trading platform for wine lovers such as yourself. Interested? Create an account and try out our concept - we will store your first 12 bottles for free!

The concept
The concept is a unique combination of a storage facility and a peer-to-peer trading platform, where wine lovers easily connect and trade. By utilising every square inch of our UrbanWineBox, and storing all wines together instead of having half-empty private cages, we can keep the operation costs low and maximise the capacity of the box. Furthermore, all wines in the box can be traded without having to be physically moved, as the owner simply changes, which is awesome - both for you, us and the wine!
The first box
Our first UrbanWineBox is located in the heart of Carlsberg in Copenhagen, where we store more than 20.000 bottles of wine on behalf of our 1.000+ private collectors in Denmark and abroad. However, don’t worry - we have room for 60.000 bottles, and this is just the beginning of our journey!

The platform
Each user have an individual account, where all wines are displayed with individual photos, and where the wines can be managed, requested for handout as well as listed on the marketplace. We charge a small commission fee for wines sold on our platform - 6,25% from the seller, and 3,95% from the buyer. We have automated all payments transactions, and the commission will therefore be charged directly to the buyer during check-out, and deducted from the pay-out to the seller.