What is UrbanWineBox?
We are on a journey to change the way wine lovers from across the world can buy, sell and store wine! We have a unique combination of professional wine cellar(s) and private cellar management software, both of which are linked with our peer-to-peer trading platform, where wine lovers can easily connect and trade.

The Platform
Our platform provides a total overview of your entire wine collection - both the ones you have at home, and the wine you have professionally stored and insured in the UrbanWineBox-cellar!

You can trade wine with fellow wine lovers on our marketplace, and our custom WineSearcher-integration will automatically fetch the current market price making it even easier! You can also monitor and document your own private cellar conditions at home by installing a few sensors - pretty cool, right?
Professional UrbanWineBox Storage
We have a unique wine cellar, where all wines are digitalized, photographed and stored together - in our first UrbanWineBox located in Copenhagen we now store more than 30.000 bottles on behalf of our 1.500+ collectors in Denmark and abroad. However, don’t worry - we have room for +60.000 bottles, and this is just the beginning!

Privately Stored Wine
Our Private Cellar functionality allows you register all the bottles you have stored at home, and we have integrated a CellarTracker-import functionality making it super easy! Our integrations with industry-leading providers, such as WineSearcher, makes it easier than ever to collect, overview and trade wine.

UrbanWineBox x Sensorist
We have teamed up with the Copenhagen-based company Sensorist, and integrated everything to our platform! This gives you the possibility to monitor and document your own private cellar conditions at home by installing a few sensors!