White Burgundy: The Gold Standard of White Wine

The ever-popular Chardonnay grape is grown throughout the world, but in Burgundy, the combination of climate, soil and tradition makes for its most celebrated expression. 

Quite neutral in itself (dare we say boring?), the Chardonnay grape owes its fame to its ability to take flavour and character from the place it's grown and the winemaking techniques used at the winery. That's why in Burgundy, even though its texture is often big and fleshy, you rarely find it packed with the ripe fruit flavours of warmer climates. 

Instead, it's balanced by refreshing acidity and that hard to pinpoint perception of minerality, with flavour notes from the ageing on lees and often wood: Think toasted bread, nuts, butter and popcorn. Add to that the very-much in fashion gunflint aroma, known initially from the greatest Meursault producers, that are changing the perception of Meursault being very rich and opulent, to nowadays being beautifully refreshing. 

Whether you are looking for old-school richness or the modern crispier version of Chardonnay, White Burgundies have a way of achieving a balance that the rest of the world can rarely replicate.