The Guide to UrbanWineBox Sunday Auctions

UrbanWineBox Sunday Auctions 

You all love the thrill of an auction and the chance of a good bargain, right?

Whether you are looking to buy or sell wine on auctions, make sure you check out our bi-weekly Sunday Auctions. Our first Sunday saw more than 200 auctions taking place - on the second Sunday it was more than 300 auctions. That's why wine lovers looking to make a bargain don't want to miss it! And for those of you looking to sell a few bottles, you'll surely want to tap into the many buyers that gather for these events. 

You'll probably agree that as a buyer, the fun part of taking part in auctions is the thrill of a bidding war and the chance of making a deal that is almost too good to be true. That's why, when taking part in the Sunday Auctions as a seller, we ask you to get into the auction spirit and get the biddings started by setting a low starting price. We generally see higher sales rates and better selling prices in the end, when auctions begin with a tempting price tag!

Oh – and if you start the auctions 10 to 14 days ahead you make time for those bidding wars to get going! UrbanWineBox will then pick out the coolest bottles at the most attractive prices to put in paid ads on Facebook and Instagram besides, of course, adding them in our newsletters, Facebook posts and Instagram stories.

Tips to selling on the bi-weekly Sunday Auctions

 - Same time every other Sunday: Auctions are ending between 8 PM and 00 AM.

 - Tempt the buyers: We recommend to start the prices in the range of DKK 0 up to 50% of the Wine-Searcher average price if such is available.

 - Bidding wars: Start the auctions 10 to 14 days ahead to make time for bidding wars.

 - Advertising: Cool wines at attractive prices will be heavily promoted in newsletters, social media and paid ads. But don't wait too long to start your auctions for us to advertise them.


Happy auctioning!