What's new at UrbanWineBox??

What's new at UrbanWineBox??

Dear UrbanWineBoxers, 

It has been a while since we provided you with news from the cellar. But we are sure you understand, given all the turbulences these wild times cause. But despite the cellar currently being closed to the public, there are a lot of good news coming straight out of Carlsberg Byen!

Frontpage make-over
Did you visit urbanwinebox.com recently? Our front page received a little make-over! Besides several improvements on page navigation, you can now get an immediate peek at the bottles most recently added to the marketplace and the auctions that are about to end. And there is more to come soon - we will keep you posted!

New Auction Functionalities
Auctions have some news to tell, too! Firstly, we implemented an automatic auction extension. When a bid is being placed within the last 90 seconds of an auction, it will be extended by an additional 90 seconds. Let the bidding wars begin! To make things even better and support you with your bidding, you can now activate "Auto-Bid". This function allows you to set a maximum price until which the highest bid will be overbid by DKK 25. You can activate this by simply clicking on the corresponding button below the product you want to bid on.

The UrbanWineBlog
Maybe you checked it out already, but UrbanWineBox has its own blog now! We named it, quelle surprise, UrbanWineBlog. You can find it in the top bar on our front page. It contains super interesting and educational short reads on our favourite producers, wine regions and grapes. Give it a read, wine lovers!

Sunday auctions
Early this March, we introduced our new auction event, UWB Sunday Auctions. The idea was to make every other Sunday a large auction spectacle that everybody can join, as seller or buyer. And it has been a huge success!! Many of you have participated and put up a lot of auctions (last time, more than 300), and even more have made a lot of good deals on some really interesting bottles. 

Amongst all this good news, there is one tiny drop of bitterness, though..

Cellar closed until April 16
This is not exactly good news but we wanted to make sure that all of you were aware of it. Due to the current Covid-19-related lockdown and opening restrictions, the UrbanWineBox Cellar will stay closed until Thursday the 16th of April. However, the trading continues! You will, of course, still be able to buy and sell wine on the UrbanWineBox marketplace. You can even have your wines shipped directly to our cellar, find out more about how here.

We hope all of you, including your family and friends, are well and we are looking forward to seeing you again hopefully soon in the cellar. Stay healthy!

Your UrbanWineBox Team