What it's like to sell wine at UrbanWineBox


A new client of ours, Christian Lützhøft, inherited a small wine collection of approximately one hundred bottles. With little interest in wine and not a lot of time to spare, Christian wanted to sell the whole collection as quick and easy as possible. And he didn't want to be ripped off by high commissions or fees.


Here's how it all went down: 

On the UrbanWineBox Online Marketplace Christian sold all of the wines on auction - from the most sought-after chateaux of Bordeaux to back vintages of lesser-known producers from varying regions. He didn't need to adapt to rules of specific lots or pay any fees. He simply paid a 6 % commission of the sales. Buyers don't pay any commission and therefore have full transparency of the price at any auction bid.


We talked to Christian afterwards and asked him to share his experience. What he emphasizes is the fact it's so easy and transparent to use UrbanWineBox. We picked up the wines at his place, where he got receipts with pictures of all the wines right away. After that, every wine was digitalized for him to have the full overview of the collection online, where he could manage the sale of every wine as he pleased.


Christian tells us it made sense to him to put all of the lesser-known wines on auction starting at only DKK 1.00,- as he wasn't paying any fees and only paying 6 % commission. That way, the market would decide the end-price without him spending too much time researching every single bottle. And he didn't need to reach a specific price to cover his transaction costs.


A few wines of lesser condition went for less than a hundred DKK, but others would reach almost a thousand DKK. Combined these wines had a sizeable value that would have been a shame to miss out on by only selling the top-tier wines of the collection. However, these individually went for several thousand.


Christian put all bottles on auctions ending on a specific day that we featured on social media the days ahead. The auction was highlighted in our newsletters to the big crowd of passionate wine collectors. They use our trading platform, knowing they don't need to pick up wines throughout the country but can easily pick it up from our wine cellar when they please.


Use our wine cellar: Get rid of arranging multiple exchanges with buyers and sellers

The aim we have at UrbanWineBox is to make it easy to trade wine, whether you are looking to buy or sell. Our online platform makes it flexible to set prices and expiration dates, and for wines stored in our cellar, you don't have to worry about arranging the exchange of wines and money with various buyers and sellers. 

If you or anybody you know is in a position like Christian's, feel free to write to us or give us a call and we'll happily help!