Summer of Rosé Champagne

Some of the very best Champagnes are rosé Champagnes. Yes, they are pink and look great at garden parties and dinners on the terrace, but they can be very serious wines! That's why rosé Champagnes are popular as never before among oenophiles.

The pretty look may deceive us into thinking it's light and all fun, but the red wine component actually makes for the most broad, powerful and fruity style of Champagne, that can take on heavier protein-rich dishes than your average sparkling wine. What would be more suitable for a lovely al fresco dinner than drinking Champagne throughout the meal? 

In the rest of France, it's illegal simply to add red wine to white wine and make rosé. But in Champagne, that's precisely how most rosés are made. Very few people can taste the difference between this "rosé d'assemblage" and the more rare Champagnes where the grape must macerate with the grape skins, called "rosé de macération" or "rosé de saignée". 


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